How to shopping

M'S STYLE has four shopping page on the web.

M'S STYLE Higashi's BLOG
M'S STYLE okirakuoki's BLOG

If there are items which you want to buy
please take a picture of the image of the product & item names,

付款方式 paypal

And send e-mail to to write the above-mentioned contents.

For PayPal payment method

Anyone who have e-mail address without the need to register can use the system of paypal.
*Credit card fees is M'S burden.

For PayPal

*Means of shipping will be EMS.

Shipping to Taiwan are as follows

Weight Asia
Up to 300g ¥900
Up to 500g ¥1,100
Up to 600g ¥1,240
Up to 700g ¥1,380
Up to 800g ¥1,520
Up to 900g ¥1,660
Up to 1.0kg ¥1,800
Up to 1.25kg ¥2,100
Up to 1.5kg ¥2,400
Up to 1.75kg ¥2,700
Up to 2.0kg ¥3,000
Up to 2.5kg ¥3,500
Up to 3.0kg ¥4,000
Up to 3.5kg ¥4,500
Up to 4.0kg ¥5,000
Up to 4.5kg ¥5,500
Up to 5.0kg ¥6,000
Up to 5.5kg ¥6.500
Up to 6.0kg ¥7,000

When the payment by paypal from customers has been completed
We will send the luggage
And we will send you e-mail the tracking number

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